SlveX Google and Yelp Ads

It’s simple – if you advertise without us, you will lose money. PPC campaigns require solid strategy to ensure you get the most out of your money. We’re AdWords certified and we’re a Yelp Partner which means we can give you access to tools no one else has otherwise.

Yelp Partner Benefits

  • No more radius targeting. With us, you get SPECIFIC and ACCURATE zip code and city targeting. Radius targeting loses you approximately 23% of your ad spend on average.

  • Get up to $300 USD in free ad spend on top of your budget
  • Free paid upgrades ($350 value) if you spend at least $1,500 USD. Add to that the $300 in free ad spend, you get nearly $750 USD just by working with us.

  • Keyword level targeting and negative keyword management – stop getting business you are not interested in. Get specific, get results.

  • Dedicated team to manage your ad campaigns and to ensure we know who is clicking, when they are clicking, what they are clicking and WHY they are clicking.

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